5 Ways to improve your mood instantly.

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Often as the day draw to a close our energy which was once charged up in the morning, seems completely depleted. It’s quite common for me. Having mood swings and not feeling great as the sun goes down. So much so that my friends started calling me "Jadoo" from the movie "Koi Mil Gaya", where "Jadoo" is the alien who feeds on the suns energy and as the sun starts to set down it seems to become passive and inactive.

I always wondered why this happened with me. Why I am so charged up or enthusiastic in the morning and as the day progresses somehow I feel that my energy gets depleted.

After doing some research, This is what I learned.

Ancient Hindu literature says that “Satyuga” was the first of the four Yugas where humanity came into being. In this Yuga only God and God like people lived, who were devoid of the influence of the five sensory organs. The energy was very charged up, positive and powerful.

Next comes the “Treta Yug” means the "third", there are 3 quarter virtues or truth, and 1 quarter sin or untruth. In this age, virtue reduces slightly. Then comes “Dwapar yug”, there are 2 quarter virtues or truth and 2 quarter sin or untruth. Last but not the least comes “Kaliyug”, the age of obscurity and unfamiliarity. There is 1 quarter virtue, and 3 quarter sins. People become slaves to their passions and are barely as powerful as their earliest ancestors in the Satya Yuga.

The same parallel can be drawn for a day in our life (#ditl) . We are in best of moods and highest energy in the morning. As the day progresses our energy also tends to get drained out as we face different situations of the day as it unfolds. We come across people of different energy vibrations. Some with high vibration and some with low. They leave a lasting impression on how we feel and deal with the rest of the day.

So what can you do about it? You can actually do a lot of things. And I am going to list down few of my favorites that had always worked wonders for me in the past. You can either do one or combine few of them. For best result, I would recommend you to follow them in a step by step method as described below.

1. Take a warm water bath

Often you will find that if you are feeling stressed, dejected or simply feeling down for no reason, a soothing and relaxing warm water bath instantly lifts your mood up. Studies have proven that a warm water bath not only elevates your mood but also help relieve muscle pain and tensions and helps you sleep better.#Ayurveda says use of warm water on the head is not good for the eyes, hair and heart, so it should be avoided. Also depending upon the temperature of your surrounding or environment you should regulate the temperature of the water.

2. Change into fresh pair of clothes.

As you progress through the day, you face different situations and circumstances. Some leaves you with good experiences and some with not so good ones. Our clothes are in direct contact with our body. It absorbs all the energy that we emit throughout as we face the day, be it energy with high vibrations or with low vibrations. If you are looking to quickly uplift your mood or elevate your energy, this is one of the easiest thing to do. Additionally it is also good from hygiene point of view.

3. Cleanse you home

I cannot stress upon the fact and benefit of cleansing your home. It is an effective method for energizing a place and elevates the mood and emotions of people living there. Cleaning can be as simple as burning incense sticks or using aromatic oil in a diffuser. You can use essential oils like Lavender, rose which can be used to heal, sooth the nerves and has a calming effect on our mind and body.

4. Lighting Candles or lamps

Light is important because it enables us to see object in front of us. So if you want to start something fresh and new or you want to create an atmosphere of high vibration lighting a lamp or a candle does exactly the same. I prefer lighting lamps in front of my deity. You can choose to light a candle or lamps in your place of worship or simply in a room which is mostly used in the house. It is a welcoming break from the harsh radiations from the artificial lights.

5. Having a cup of tea

According to a study from Yale University and University of Colorado, the physical warmth and emotional warmth are linked. The temperature of the drink you are holding could affect your feelings of trust and sympathy towards people around you. Having a cup of tea or milk with turmeric does the trick for me. Find out what kind of warm drink elevates your mood and go for it.

I am sure if you are looking for some quick fixes these would work wonders but these are on a very superficial or let me say on a bodily level. Not every time you can have access to some or all of the above. So what to do then? Does it mean that you don’t have a choice? You always have a choice. That’s a story for another blog. Stay tuned for my future blogs to find out how.

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