A Day without Mobile !

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

You got up in the morning and noticed that the mobile phone ,you kept beside your bed after watching the last episode of "Two and a half men" season 1 , is missing !What ? You heard it right "Your mobile phone is no longer with you"

You try finding every nook and corner of your room, desperately enough, to make you realize that you are running late for office. You start getting ready and pondering over and over again as to how can you go to office without the mobile phone, you cannot access the "Quick ride" to commute. What next , you somehow get ready and went on to the streets to find some taxi, you hop in, with a fear what will happen If I get into troubles on the way, what if the taxi guy is a goon. You keep thinking of all the mishaps that can happen to you and the suffering you will go through , because you do not have the mobile phone to call for help or "SOS". While you were thinking of backup plans, you safely reach office. All these while you realize that the urge to look at your mobile every now and then is quite less than compared to that of the morning, when you realized that you mobile is missing. You are feeling more at present and mindful of the current situation around you ! 

The concept of always being reachable makes us present nowhere - Peter Arvai

You start your work and the first thing you do is message your boss that I you are not having your mobile phone today and email is the only option for him to reach up to you. After sending the email, you felt a sigh of relief, an unknowing happiness of not being able to be reachable always :-) You started your work and felt that there is so much more you can do if you were not having the mobile, the very urge to open the mobile and check what's new is a big blow to our productivity.You also realized you could finish work faster and with much ease. You planned a date with your better half, since you were able to finish your work before time. Which turned out to be a great surprise of your better half. You spend some quality time together without being interrupted by the mobile. 

Riinggggggg Riinggggggg !

Suddenly you got up in a jiffy to see your alarm in your mobile is ringing hard to wake you up. You smiled and realized that after all it was a dream. A scary but pleasant dream. Can it really happen ? Not carrying mobile for a day be so overwhelming and happy ?

Are we owning the mobiles or the mobiles owning us, Think about It ?

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