A Journey like None Other !

Hello Friends!

The past few months have not only helped me to understand myself better but also had given a direction to my thoughts and curiosity of few questions which I am sure each one of us have.

“Who is God” “Where is God” “Can I see God” “Is my God different from yours” “Will god punish me if I do wrong” “Do I fear God” “Should I follow the rules and regulations of the rituals” “Will God Punish me if I don’t follow” ............

In my quest to the above answers, I started to read our ancients scriptures like Ramayan, Gadurpuran etc. I am no where close but at least I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. In my best of intentions to help you sail through these troubled times and otherwise as well, I am starting this series, where I would be sharing my learning and understanding of the the questions.

Hope it helps !

Episode 1 : Don't Fear him, Love Him :


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