Being Happy

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What is happiness?

It’s a state of mind where you are exhilarated, where you are not concerned of what the future hold for you or what had happened in the past. What matters most is your present and you are happy in this very present moment. More than simply positive mood, happiness is a state of well-being that encompasses living a good life—that is, with a sense of meaning and deep contentment. 

What brings us happiness?

My reasons for being happy can be poles apart from yours. Some seek happiness in little things that surround them or the simple joys of life they experience, whereas for others happiness comes from achieving major milestones in life. The reasons could be many and different from person to person. 

How can we learn to be happy always?

How about combining both the reasons for being happy. That is, finding joy in the simple things that life brings to you as well as celebrate the major milestones or achievements in Life.

The other day I was scrolling though the Whats App status update and found one of my colleagues update. He updated a video of his daughter, who seemed to be super exited, while playing inside a bucket full of water. That was so intriguing, which made me think. 

People travel around the world, live in expensive hotels, enjoy the luxury of infinity pools, Jacuzzi etc. Still they are not happy with them self, their life etc. This clearly shows that when it comes to happiness money can buy only momentary happiness. 

But looking at this small child, who is thrilled to be placed inside of a bucket, I realized that happiness comes when you have little or no expectation, when there is no fear of future, when there is no regret about the past !

What matters most is the present!

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