Change is like new shoe Bite !

Three Pro tips to handle change efficiently

Who doesn't like the smell of a freshly purchased, brand new shoes! But Gosh! How can one forget the pain and uncomfortable feeling caused by the side effects of wearing a new pair of shoes. Of course I am talking about Shoe Bites, you have guessed it right!

Initially they are painful and you hate wearing them.You don't leave any opportunity to get back to those old, comfortable pairs. Eventually you get used to them and get over the pain. Then comes a point when you start loving your new shoes much more than you older pair.

Change is Inevitable, like you cannot wear a worn out shoe for a lifetime, similarly change is something which is bound to happen in its due course of time, you like it or not! As we accept the initial in-comfortableness of the shoe bite and later accept it with much ease, change should also be treated like wise!

Change is moving from a familiar situation or zone to an unfamiliar territory. Best way to handle a change is to accept it and use it in favor of your upliftment and a tool to progress further in life. I try to define the life cycle of the change as below

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” ― Lao Tzu

How to Handle Change ?

This remains the biggest question of all! I have the used the below ways, hope it helps!

1. Be Present:

One thing that I have used so far to accept change and move on in life is to be present. If you just concentrate what is happening in your life and surroundings at this very moment and not worry about the past, you can easily sail through the change.

2. Don't over analyze:

Do not weigh too much pros and cons of the change that has happened for you. It will simply drain you. Instead use the energy constructively to focus only on the positives of the change and work in strengthening the areas. Try to look for more opportunities than despair.

3. Have Shorter Goals:

To accept the change gracefully and successfully, identify the prerequisites for you. Then make a game plan to achieve them by creating short term goals.This will not only help you accept the change gracefully but will also make you one step ahead of others as you are also prepared for it.

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