Don’t hold onto it!

My son loves collecting boarding passes from previous flight journeys, so much so that he has even asked my parent to collect it for him and give it to him whenever they meet him. He has a box full of boarding passes, not sure why he is so fascinated about them.

As for me, being a minimalist, I try and keep as less things as possible so that eventually it will be easier on me to have a stress free life. A life where I do not want to spend time in cleaning and organizing all day long. So the system works perfectly for me. But for my son those are precious, so can’t even throw then without his consent.

The other day as he was showing me those passes I suddenly said to him, “If you hold on to past memories, how can you make newer ones?” He looked at me confused and asked me, “How Mummy?”

This Pandemic has posed a lot of questions and chaos for us adults, but I feel the kids are the one who are most affected. Their routine completely changed. School, was something my son looked forward to in eagerness to meet his friends, is now virtual, so that’s not much fun. He could not even go and meet his grandparents like he was used to be. So somehow I felt through those tickets he was trying to re live the past days and was not willing to let go of them.

These things if not addressed from an early age gets deeply rooted in one’s system. So I told him, “Baby If you keep holding your old boarding passes and be happy with them, then "The Universe" will think that you are happy with your old boarding passes and will not give you opportunity to get newer ones, the ones which you will get when we go to meet your Grandparents or some other place to travel.”

He is an ardent followers of my weekly live sessions that I conduct every week and loves talking to me about them once the session gets over. Knowing the concept of “Law of Attraction”, he said, “You know what Mummy, You are right.”

Often we tend to hold onto past memories or things just to relive those best days or happy moments. But If we always live in the past then we are not shaping our futures as we want it to be.Our past is definitely an important part of our life, but it should act like a guide to move forward in the future by enjoying each and every moment of the present.

Unless you let go of the past memories, your mind would be preoccupied with them and you would not allow yourself to create newer ones, so let go of the past, Live in the present to create a beautiful tomorrow.

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Manisha is on a mission to inspire 1 Million Women. To prioritize themselves up in their priority list. I realized it late, but like they say, “better late than never”. With 15+ years in corporate experience, she is a trained Image Consultant, Practicing Soft Skill trainer and aspiring Life Coach. She empowers you to look good, feel good, be good. Connect with her to: 🔹Create Positive First Impression 🔹Create Positive Lasting Impression 🔹Find True and Lasting happiness

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