Episode 1 : Don’t Fear him, Love him.

Recently I and my son was watching Akbar Birbal series in Netflix. In one of the episodes, Akbar asked Birbal, “Tell me Birbal, why your God always takes reincarnation and come down to earth to save the beings? Why can’t he send any of his helpers or other persons?” Birbal was stunned for a moment and was confused what to answer the badshah. He asked for a days’ time to get back to him.

The next day as Akbar and Birbal were walking along the riverside, Akbar saw the nanny with his son standing too close to the river bank and was annoyed at this. As he was going towards her to ask her to move back, she slipped and fell into the river. The moment Akbar saw this he ran and jumped into the river to save his son who was with his nanny. When they were all out of water, Akbar was stunned to see that the nanny was not carrying his son but a doll wrapped in clothes.

Seeing this Akbar became very angry and was about to punish the nanny, when Birbal said, “Look my king, the moment you saw your child in danger, you did not think twice before jumping into the river, you did not even bother to order your solders for it as you were concerned about your child. In a same way whenever God see us in pain and trouble he comes to our rescue by re incarnating in different forms.”

You are a part of God and God is within each one of us. Fear will pull you apart from God. The true essence of every religion is to love God and not fear him. I am going to share with you two ways in which you can overcome your fear.

1. Replace fear with Faith.

You can overcome one emotions only when you replace it with something else. The more the feeling of fear surrounds your mind, build strong cocoon of faith of the almighty around you. Having faith over fear is the only way to get through troubled times.One way of doing this to connect with the almighty on a daily basis. You would now ask, "Connect with the almighty on a daily basis?","How can that be possible?". Its possible and I will tell you how in my future episodes. So stay tuned !

2. Visualize

Visualize the opposite of fear and visualize as if it’s happening now at present. For example, if you fear of losing your job during this pandemic situation, then visualize your career going great guns, you are in you desired position and you are in your dream job. This way you will focus your energies in positive thoughts instead of thinking in a not so positive way.

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