Gardening your way to Happiness

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

How to practice Slow & mindful living in your daily life – Part 2

The sweet scent of multi-colored roses flawlessly grown in circular beds, fenced using mud bricks, carefully placed in angles with perfection. The mesmerizing view of jasmine, lined parallel in front of our circular balcony adorned with huge pillars, is so intense that even today when I close my eyes I find myself time travel to my childhood days standing amidst and soaking the essence of it all. That’s the power of a carefully crafted garden.

Gardening is an instant way to uplift your spirits and mood from your state of melancholy, fear or anxiety. A well nurtured garden, however small it might be, is a cradle of joy, abundance, prosperity and hope. It not only serves you in the present but also reminds you of all the glory and the positive vibes it emits, when you look back.

However if your “Thinking Mind” overwhelms you, with low vibration energy you wanted to get rid of, while you are gardening you are not only inflicting damage to yourself but also to your plants. It’s important to first take control of your thinking mind by focusing on the now and stop pondering over the past or anticipating about the future which will only make your present miserable.

So how can you “Be Here” and “Be Now” while you are gardening?

Have you ever noticed a terrarium? Recently my husband and my son made a small terrarium inside a glass bottle, the famous “Energy ADDA” bottles. Nothing fancy, they placed few pebbles, some mosses, few twigs, a small earthworm and a couple of tiny weeds, I would not even call them plants. It’s so amazing to see how life thrives in such a small container.

In the past, my idea of a terrarium had always been of a lavish large glass jar, which is beautifully crafted with different types of expensive succulents. This small yet beautiful terrarium, made by my husband, completely changed my perspective. The essence here is to appreciate the “Power Of Nature”. The self-sustainable Eco system created inside the small terrarium, which nourishes itself and the elements within it is astonishing.

“The joy of watching the tiny weeds grow little by little with each passing day is worth the effort spend.”

Blessing your plants while you are planting them, appreciating the power of Mother Nature, putting strong intentions while nurturing them will help you to focus on the Now and be present while you are gardening. The point I am trying to make is that, when you put love, care and affection while creating your tiny balcony garden or your large fields or crafting a small terrarium, you are certainly going to reap the benefits of a rewarding garden in a due course of time.

Plants are great way to unwind yourself. The simple sight of the green lush garden can immediately fill you up with great joy and happiness and make all your pains go away.

So, Next time you are feeling down and want to cheer yourself up, get your gardening tools and get started, but always remind yourself to present and mindful.

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