How to Practice Slow & Mindful Living in your Daily Life – Part 1

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

If you did the "One Day Emotional Journal-ling" experiment, I mentioned in my last blog “These 3 Things will change your life for ever” then, by now you would agree, why it is so important to live in "The Now" and be Mindful. If not, then I would recommend you to do the experiment first, then come back, read and practice the below. However this is not mandatory.

Knowledge without application is futile. We must always try and apply the knowledge in our day to day life to make our world a better place to live in. You can fill your bookshelves with books from renowned authors, gurus or spiritual teachers, but until you apply the teachings in your daily life, the books are nothing but just another form of clutter that needs to be cared for. Clutter can create lot of negative aura or lower vibration energies, which when struck for a longer period of times result in unhappiness, mood swings etc. But that’s a story for another blog. For now let’s focus on the art of being here being Now while doing your day to day activities.

You must understand one thing before we dive into the topic. There is no destination we are chasing for. Being present and being Now is a continuous process and while doing so you are making each moment of your life beautiful and pleasant. There is no pain, no fear, no unhappiness, no jealously, no comparison in the “Now”. Now is beautiful.

Without any further delay let’s dive in. I will be sharing few of my methods or strategies that worked for me, you are free to tweak it based on your need and situation. From the heading, you must have already understood that I will be sharing the methods in two parts. In the first part the focus will be on daily activities like:

1. Preparing your meal

2. Cleaning your house

3. Working from Home or Office

And in the part two I would be sharing how you can remain mindful while,

1. Gardening

2. Eating your food

3. Shopping

4. Spending time with your loved ones.

Preparing your meal:

More often than now it has become mandatory to cook food at home. In a typical scenario most of us would tend to avoid this by opting for dine outs, take-away or home deliveries. Though I am not against any of them but if done on a regular basis, they sure will take away from you an opportunity to induce good health, peace, love and harmony into yourself and in your family. Food is the best way to encourage positivity, peace, health and prosperity in your life.

Cooking can be made fun and joyful, even if you are preparing a humble meal for two. Cooking is one such activity, where you spend more time on a daily basis as it needs to be done more than once in a day. Spending some thoughts, on how best you can utilize this time and most importantly how to cook by being here & Now, would be beneficial.

Being mindful while cooking is an amazing and powerful tool. At every step of the process you can be mindful. Gratitude is one of the best way to be mindful. You can practice gratitude while washing your veggies, rice, pulses. While chopping them until you have finished cooking.

Be grateful to the farmer who produced the source, to the next door sabzi waale bhaiya (Vegetable vendor) who sold it to you or to the delivery person who delivered at your door step. Think about the happiness their families’ would have received when they brought home their hard earned money. The twinkling eyes of the farmer’s boy when he received that pencil or pen his father bought, after selling rice in the market. Be grateful for this as you have also contributed to a small but significant extend in his happiness and joy.

The feeling of being grateful will help you remain grounded, be present and appreciate the food you are preparing. It will also make it equivalent to “Prasad” that is offered in the temples and other religious offerings. Why do you think food from religious places are so sought after? It’s because they are prepared with love, devotion, peace and tranquility and with high vibration energy as the person preparing the food is mostly thinking about the all mighty.

We often loose this opportunity by thinking low vibration thoughts, watching news, or other videos to keep us entertained while cooking, gossiping over the telephone etc. What you are missing out is of tremendous value and important. All the low vibration energies or thoughts that is present in our mind while coking directly effects the psychic of the person eating the food.

Being grateful at every step of the cooking process is probably one of the best way to be mindful and cook with pleasure. So next time you are feeling the urge to watch your smart phone while cooking, do yourself a favor and watch something positive, spiritual or whatever that makes you calm and centered. Best would be to avoid any gadgets.

Cleaning your house

By being present or mindful you will finally be able to enjoy your day to day chores which you dreaded for so long. The trick is to identify the thinking mind. Whenever you hear your thinking mind doing the background talking and tricking you to wander in the past and in the future, your task is to identify that you are not in the present. The moment there is an identification, the thinking mind loses its power and you are automatically brought to the present, to the here and to the now. Its that simple.

Next up is your cleaning activity. Truly speaking, I am not very fond of this activity. What works for me is the concept that "if I have less I have to clean less and maintain less" and that’s how minimalism came into my life. But that a story for another day.

So can you make cleaning as enjoyable as cooking as we just saw? Of course it’s possible. I will be sharing some of the tricks to keep your thinking mind quite while you are cleaning.

Why do we clean? Let’s contemplate on this for a moment. We clean to keep our house tidy, to keep things organized, to make our home more peaceful, inviting and remove negative energies and increase the positivity of the place. So simple right, just remind yourself these things whenever you are performing any act of cleaning.

Say for example if you are booming or mopping your house, instead of thinking about that TV serial or planning for the next task in your mind or cursing why you have to do this, just be here and now and focus on the current activity at hand and that’s mopping. Visualize all the germs, negative energies leaving the area as you are mopping. Imagine your home getting filled in with positivity, peace, health and other higher vibration energies.

Same goes for cleaning utensils. Singing happy songs is the best way for me to be present and mindful while I am cleaning my utensils.These are just few ways how you can remain in the present while doing your daily cleaning chores.

At Work

Whether you are working from home or going to a regular work place, your work, and your work place is sacred place. It is the source of income for you and your family, which enables you to have shelter, food and protection. Being mindful while you are working is more important now than ever.

Below are the few things which has helped me over my 15 years of career.

1. One thing at a time – No Multi-tasking

You mind loves challenges. Though it is a good attribute but we should be wary of how we are using it. Your mind enjoys doing more than one thing at time. If not physically, it will start to plan for the next course of action while you have not yet finished your current activity. It is always seeking out ways to not be in the present moment and hence multitasking seems a lucrative option.

Endless disruption in the form of multitasking actually increases your stress levels. According to a study at the University of Sussex, constant multitasking actually damages your brain. They found that constant Media Multitasking decreases the cognitive abilities of the brain and leads to psycho-social impacts such as depression, anxiety, poor academics, and negative social well-being.

Focusing one thing at a time and giving your hundred percent to it without being frequently interrupted by means of media or thoughts is the key to improve your productivity. Planning your tasks well in advance and hibernating to provide complete, uninterrupted focus to compete your task are some of the ways how you can avoid the appealing art of multitasking.

2. Develop an attitude of gratitude

I cannot write enough on the importance of being grateful for everything you have. Every time your thinking mind tries to pull out events from the past or anticipations of the future to prove you how worthless your job is or how non-cooperating your team is or how cruel your boss is, shut your thinking mind up.

Unfortunately this is easier said than done. One method that has always worked out for me is to develop an attitude of gratitude. Be grateful for the job you have, for the team you are working with, for your company, for your profession. If you want, you can also maintain a gratitude journal to write down all things you are grateful for.

3. Listen more than you speak.

How many times it has happened that your colleague or boss is talking and you are already planning the reply in your mind. We often listen to react and not respond. By doing so you are missing out on the Now, as your thinking mind has very smartly taken charge of the situation and is already in the future planning your reply. Practice listening not hearing and then you will be able to appreciate and understand the other person's point of view.

Give these a try for a week or so and see the difference it makes in your life and relationship with your loved ones and those around you.

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