Journey from XL to XS: How I lost 20 Kg without spending a penny

When you are about to begin a transformational journey, ask yourself, do you believe in it? Until you get YES for an answer don’t start the journey. You are the only person who is responsible for and capable of making your journey a success.

From my childhood I was always a healthy kid. During my school and college and even while working, I started my journey towards weight loss many times, but it was mostly temporary. After losing few kilograms, mostly through crash diets and vigorous workouts, my weight went back to square one.

Like Simon Sinek says “Start with Why”, this time around I started my journey with a different reason. A reason strong enough to keep my intrinsic motivation alive. I was diagnosed with a polyp in my uterus and was advised to go for a surgery. One thing I was very clear, was that, I will try everything but get myself operated. I looked upon various cases in the internet, where people have cured their polyp by making lifestyle changes and leading a healthy life. That was strong enough reason for me to start my journey towards healthy living.

In the beginning, sometime during early 2017, I weighed about 83 kilograms and today I am about 61 Kilogram. I sailed through the journey slowly and was not in a rush to prove a point. Since I was doing it for myself, for my health and well being, hence no shortcuts but a complete lifestyle change was the key to success. In this blog, I am going to share my top five holistic tips that has not only helped me to reduce weight, but also to maintain it.

1. Mindful Eating

This is probably one of the most important and most overlooked or over analyzed step in one’s weight loss journey. Either we get too overwhelmed with what not to eat or we are completely careless about what we are eating. I am a foodie by nature. During my journey I knew that I had to make few modifications in my eating habits. I stopped eating outside frequently, started to have my meals in relatively smaller size plates. I also made sure that my intake of veggies and pulses are equal to that of rice or chapatti. Switched from normal rice to red rice. And many other changes, which probably I will pen down some other time. But one thing that made a huge difference was that of mindful eating. When we are mindful about what we are eating then we tend to consume much lesser. You will start treating your body like a temple and will not dump all the unhealthy food. It’s not that I have completely stopped eating that cake or pooris or samosa. What had changed was that I became much aware of the facts when I ate, how frequently I ate and where it is made. I started preparing most of my cravings at home. By cooking at home you will at least know about the ingredients and the oil used. You don’t have to punish yourself for your carving, the trick is to be conscious what you’re eating. Don’t dump it all in your body, just be a little mindful of what you eat.

2. Active Lifestyle.

A couple years ago in 2018, I had a house help who stayed with me for some time. I additionally had a cook and a housemaid for utensils, moping and stuff like that. Things were very convenient. I had to hardly move from my place as all household work were getting done. Along with this my mom also stayed with me to look after my kid, while I was in office. I kept giving myself excuses that since I was a full time working mom, I would be needing all the help. This made me so lazy that even for keeping that cup of tea or getting a glass of water I would ask the house help. I felt I was constantly sitting in one place for hours and was not doing anything productive. Now I am able to manage my home, work, my kid, my passion all by myself without any help. Of course my husband pitches in sometime. The crux of it is, keeping an active lifestyle not only burns your fat but it also keeps your mind active. It poses a challenge onto you to manage time and get your work done. Just like the day before your final exam, when you managed to complete the syllabus in just one night. Doing one’s own household activity not only gives you satisfaction but also a sense of pride that you have contributed to the well being of your family. The trick is to balance that out with your ME Time, Which I will talk later in my post. Few things I followed were, I did not sit in one place for more than 20 minutes, be it in home or office. Put a timer if required and get up to take a stroll for about a couple of minutes and come back. By sitting on a chair rather than on a couch or bed, getting up becomes very easy. Don’t procrastinate your work. Finish it then and there.

3. Don’t waste your money.

Do you love going to the Gym? Given an option to sleep for that extra hour, would you trade your gym with your sleep? Think and answer it for yourself. Have you ever noticed the biceps of a farmer or did you ever see a house maid who is overweight? Next time you get a chance, do look at them, they need not go to gym to build those solid biceps or to be fit. It’s their work which does the trick. I know most of us do not do a labor intense job and hence we need to do that workout to keep us fit. But having said that, does it mean you can’t become healthy while staying at home by doing home based workouts? There are multiple channels in YouTube which gives you free home based workouts for adults, for elderly people, for kids, for postpartum and even maternity workout. Yes you will have to be smart enough to choose the one that is apt for you. People say they need to go to gym to keep themselves motivated. The trick is to keep the fire kindled inside you about the goal that you have set for yourself. I am not against going to gym or joining any classes, the point is until and unless the motivation is intrinsic, no external factor can keep you going for a long period of time.

4. Dedicate time and prioritize yourself.

When was the last time you had spent a quality time with yourself ? Giving yourself undivided attention. Don’t feel guilty to spend time with yourself. If not you then who else will take care of you. Only if you are happy from within you can make people around you happy. Spend at least forty five minutes with yourself every day in the morning. It’s like how we need to charge the batteries of our gadgets, in a same way we need to charge us mentally, physically and spiritually. Especially we women, we tend to prioritize the need of our family over ours. We often feel guilty if we spend time to pamper our self. Like they say in aircraft, before assisting others with the oxygen mask, please put on a mask on you. We can only give something that is abundantly available with us. When the jar is filled with water, it starts overflowing. In the same way, if we are brimming with life and happiness inside us, we can give joy and happiness to people around us.

5. Power of Visualization.

Way back in 2010, when I was battling with another wave of weight gain, I was introduced accidentally to the concept of “Law of attraction”. Inspired from it, I had written down how I wanted my life to manifest in different aspect like family, health, wealth etc. Recently while de cluttering, I came across the sheet and was startled to find out that almost everything I wrote back then had come true. Positive affirmation is a very powerful tool in your weight loss journey. Write down in present tense what you want. Write down “I am … kg weight now, I am leading a healthy lifestyle. My food habits are great.” Spend some time visualizing yourself in your ideal weight. Visualize how you would look in that dress or suit, once you have achieved your Ideal weight. Positive affirmation along with powerful visualization is a tremendous tool to achieve any goals in your life be it your health related goals or another aspects of your life.

I am sure there would be some takeaway from my journey. Do let me know, I would be glad to help you. You can reach up to me by subscribing to my website or by emailing me. I would be glad to help. Also you can check the existing helps offered in my “My Offerings” section of my website. Below are some resources that you might find helpful.

Disclaimer: These have worked for me and my lifestyle and circumstances. I am no doctor or dietitian, hence there are completely my personal views and practices that assisted me.

1. Home workout videos




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