Long weekend during lock down !

Gone are the days when we used to list down all the long weekends that comes in a year and make advance plans for the same. However in current scenario, long weekends can be pretty disturbing. Not knowing how to spend your time can be very daunting and taxing. It could be mentally exhausting as well.

So why I am telling you all these. You might be already aware of it.

Your take away from my post will be few ways in which you can not only spend your weekend wisely and sanely but could also contribute to increase the capabilities of your Right Brain !

What is RIGHT BRAIN ? you might be thinking don't humans have only one brain ?

Yes, you are absolutely correct, we humans are blessed with only one brain. but the fact is that our brain is divided into two half or hemispheres, just like how our earth is divided in to two half horizontally, similarly our brain is divided vertically into Left brain and Right Brain.

Let me now tell you about the different set of task each of these half are responsible for.

The left brain is responsible for mostly analytical tasks like thinking in words, sequencing, logical analysis, math, facts, linear thinking and the likes, I hope you got the picture.

On the contrary the right brain is responsible for mostly creative tasks like feelings , imaginations, visualizations, creativity, arts etc.

Now that you know what is right brain, let me tell you why in today's scenario, increasing the capabilities of your right brain is so important.

According to a research done by McKinsey Global Institution, In India alone there would be a surge of about 58% in occupations related to creativity by 2030. Whereas there would a need of switching jobs by 3 to 14% of the global work force.The detail report can be found here.

So, going back to your weekend plan, let me tell you how you can use your long weekend to sharpen your creative brain, that is the Right brain.

There are many different ways in which you can do so, I have listed three ways of it.

1. Being Observant:

Many times we miss witnessing what is actually happening around us by being lost in our thoughts or by not paying attention. Being observant and aware helps us to constantly improve yourself, become more competent in our environment and alongside become more emphatic towards others. There are many ways in which you can be more observant, like questing whats happening around you, why its happening, by being more curious.

2. Develop a Hobby :

Developing a hobby increases your confidence and self esteem. Develop or nurture a habit which is related to art and creativity, for example learning how to play a new musical instrument, how to paint , how to sew, learning basic gardening are a few to name.

3. Have a Calm mind :

According to the latest neuroscience, overworking your brain decreases your creative thinking and makes your brain "dull". Science has proven that, creativity is at its height when the mind is at rest. You can do so by practicing Meditation daily for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Now that your long weekend is sorted,isn't a blessing in disguise that you have to spend you weekend at home ?

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