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When I close my eyes and think of that one moment from my childhood that I would want to go back and change, often times I am reminded of my 9th grade School Sports day. Being born in an athletic family, where my father played nation football and my mother also a college champion, I always carried a burden of expectation from my family and people around me to mirror my parent.

To start with I was not a bad athlete in my younger days. Having won quite a few trophies and medals myself, I was ok in my own unique way. Although this did not last for a very long time, I enjoyed the regular practice in the field that dad used to take me for and the feeling of having butterflies in your stomach when the 100 meters race was just about to begin.

However, with adolescence, my focus shifted from sports to studies and friends. I hardly played outdoor games, except for playing gully cricket with my locality friends during summer holidays.

It was a chill November afternoon. We were all busy in preparation of the Sports day in school. One after another the green colored school bus were arriving at the campus, filled with parent and kids. Back then school buses were of green color, at least in my city it was so. I and my friends represented one of the school houses and it was made mandatory to participate in at least one event.

I opted for relay race as 100 meters was way out of question. Knowing my track record and no practice for so many years, I intentionally choose to stand at the last leg of the relay race, it was a small town, where every second people knew each other. I could feel the expectation in my parent’s eyes as it was also a matter of their respect. Given the fact that people there knew about my father’s strong athletic background, it was enough to create that extra pressure on me. I could feel all eyes looking once at me and then to my dad.

The race started and my greatest fear at that point was soon going to become a reality. The two runners in my group did a very good job and they quickly gave me the relay. The moment I got the relay in my hand, I started to run as fast as I could. Little did I know that my fast was not fast enough and in fact I was so slow that I was the second last person to reach the finishing point.

I did not wanted to speak or meet with my friends or my parent. I wanted to be invisible at that very instant. Not know what to do next I rushed to the school canteen and ordered a plate of idly. Little did I know back then that I was doing stress eating.

“Breath is the power behind all things…. I breathe in and know that good things will happen.” —Tao Porchon-Lynch

Since then I had replayed this instance over and over in my mind imagining different outcomes. Every time I felt that I was trying to reach somewhere but found myself aimlessly running in the hamster wheel. It was as if my quest to go back in time and redo the outcome of the event was a futile attempt. Then I realized that it not only made my present miserable every time I thought of the event, but also recreated the grief, the insult and all such low vibration over and over again.

So often you tend to chase things which are futile. Chase the future which is unknowable, chase the past that cannot be relived again. In doing so more often you miss out on the beautiful present. You may be on a quest that is completely unnecessary. Life is HERE, life is in the NOW.

So here is my take on how to be mindful most of the time in your day.

1. The first step towards being in the now is the realization of the fact that you are on the quest of the past or anticipation of the future.

2. Pay close attention to your feelings and actions. If you are not in a happy, light state of mind, something is not quite right, and now is the time to pay immediate attention to your thoughts.

3. Once you pay attention to your thoughts you would come to know if you are being anxious about the future or sad about the past. Immediately bring your awareness to the Present.

4. The simplest way to bring yourself into the present is to focus on your breathe.

5. Start by taking three long and deep inhale from the nose and exhale from the mouth. You will be surprised it’s that’s simple to remain in the Present and not wander in the past or the future.

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