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Updated: Oct 8, 2020

We are ever seeking ways to be happy, to be at peace and harmony. To lead a contended and stress free life. Life brings you face to face with different situation. Instead of reacting, lets learn to respond to them. Follow these three steps and you will never approach or lead your life as before and your life will change forever for the greater good.

Learn to identify who you really are: The greatest truth of Life

Ask yourself who you really are?

Not your name, not your surname, neither your designation nor your position. All this does not says who you truly are.

You must be thinking, is she kidding? “I have spent my entire life by being recognized by my name, my surname, my designation and position. And now she is saying that neither of this is true and matter the most”.

Then does it mean that you have spent all your precious life energies and time to chase the mirage. Yes my friend. So did you!

You in your true form is a soul. You call it anything a soul, life force, life energy, spirit, name it anything you want to. The truth of life is that you are a soul, dwelling in a body. An energy center that runs your body. A soul that sees through your eyes, hears through the ears, speak through your mouth etc.

A soul which gives your body energy to function. A soul which is born from the eternal supreme energy. You call it God, supreme power, your higher self, nature whatsoever you like. Just like water exists in different state with different physical form but its main composition (H2O) does not changes. In the same way we all exists in different form and shape but the fact that your core composition, that you are a part of the supreme power and a soul dwelling in that body of yours does not changes.

Now you must be thinking, “If I am a part of that supreme power then does it mean I have all the qualities “. Yes, you are true. You do have all the qualities of being extremely loving, peaceful, ability to bless all, powerful and most importantly beyond the definition of time.

So, What does it mean to be “Beyond the definition of time”? This brings me to the next step.

This is the trickiest thing to do – “Be Here, Be Now”

By now you might have got a glimpse of the eternal truth of life by understanding who you really are.

Now the next challenge that you will face is to free yourself up from the bodily presence. The bodily worries. The emotions that grips you from time to time and always prevent you to live in the present.

Let’s do an experiment. For a day, observe your mind, the thoughts that goes in your mind. If required, you can simply pen down your thoughts. You can just carry a piece of paper and a pen along with you and whenever you realize that you are thinking of something, quickly take note of these two things for each of your thoughts.

1. Occurrence of the event you are thinking about – Present , Future or Past

2. Emotions / feeling attached to your thoughts – Anger, happiness, ego, self-criticism, self-praise etc.

Now that you have done the experiment for a day, in the night, take out your notes that you have recorded throughout the day and you will be astonished to see the below.

1. Majority of your thoughts dwell in the past or in the future.

2. Mostly the emotions attached to the thoughts are of lower vibration energy like fear, jealousy, anger, ego, anxiousness, self-criticism etc.

There is a reason why the “NOW” is called as “PRESENT” or say “a Gift” of the supreme power and you “the soul/ the being”, who is the inseparable part of that supreme power is the receiver of this gift. It’s up to you how frequently and effectively you use it to lead a mindful life and be present. "The Now" is free of time. Ask your self, "Are you happy now?". There is no pain in the now, not five minutes later, nor one week later or a year later.

What can you do to stay present or receive the gift of now?

Every time you observe your mind wandering in the past or looking forward towards the future, you the soul, the pure, peaceful and powerful soul should bring your mind back to the present. Your mind is just like another organ of your physical body. The more you stay connected to the present the more you will feel light, remain in a state of bliss and happiness and contended, even if the world is falling apart around you.

Now that you are aware of the greatest truth of life and you know what it means to live beyond the definition of time to live peacefully, happy and contended. Let me tell you how you can cultivate it in your day to day living.

Slow Living

What it means to lead a slow life?

Slow living is nothing but living the now and observing and enjoying each and every bit of it as it is happening. We are always in a hurry, in a rush to finish your meal, to go to bed early so that we can get up early, to finish a project and move onto the next one, to reach office, to climb up the ladder of success you name it. Always in a hurry to finish the current task and move on to the next one. Even before we complete the present moment, our mind is already planning for the next moves.

These are the basic tricks of your mind to prevent you to be in the now and in the present. The mind always like to process information and be challenged and the same is achieved only when we are dwelling in the past or thinking about the future.

"The Now" does not need anything to be processed, it just needs to be lived and enjoyed thoroughly. By not rushing through your present moment and by living it slowly and fully, you will not only enjoy the now but you will create a masterpiece of every moment of your life and by the time you realize, your life will be a work of art, carefully drawn to perfection, with joy, happiness and peace.

How can you actually make your mundane works more mindful and apply slow living in your day to day activities, that’s a story for another time. Till then remind yourself these three things

1. Who you actually are?

2. How to live beyond the definition of time?

3. How to cultivate being present?

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